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Archive for May 2008

What Might Happen If . . . ?

The “mean times” of life often explode on the scene — taking us by surprise; knocking us for a loop; blindsiding us; pulling the rug out from under our feet!  Those are the ones that shock, stun, eliminate, decimate, obliterate and destroy in an instant of time!  Those are the headline grabbers — the stories…

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Personal Reflections on Memorial Day

I sat this morning in the quiet of my study reflecting on two men who have had a tremendous impact on my life — men who served our Country during WWII.  Men who worked hard; gave their best: faced hardship beyond my imagination; experienced isolation, loneliness and desperation; and — lived to return home to…

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Is Struggle a Four-Letter Word?

I sat alone on the patio under a full moon late one night some nineteen years ago seeking to ponder the imponderable — working the best I knew how to make sense of the senseless.  The improbable — the unthinkable had driven me to that place on that particular evening.  I was determined to find…

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Speaking of Gas, Groceries and Guesswork!

Hello Everyone~ I am hopeful that this post finds you well despite the meantime in which we find ourselves at this particular juncture.  “What meantime,” you ask?  When is the last time you filled your car up with gas (is it really liquid gold?) or bought groceries for the family?  Pretty scary, huh? Just this…

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Do or Do Not! There is no Try!

Greetings Friends~ What do Yoda (that enigmatic Star Wars Shaman), the late Dr. Byron Medler (profoundly wise professor of counseling) and you & I have in common?  We all struggle with the sometimes daunting task of addressing life’s challenges in meaningful ways.  How many times do you hear others or yourself say something like, "I’m…

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Welcome To My Blog!

Howdy Ya’ll! Well, that’s one way we say hello here in Texas!  Having spent several years in New Mexico, I picked up the phrase "You Guys" so I guess I am bi-lingual in the greeting department!  HA!  Either way, welcome to my blog!  My name is Mark Hundley — sometimes known as the 5′ 8"…

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