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Archive for July 2008

Back from England, Love — Part 4: Final Chapter

I have been home a week now and the trip to England seems almost a blur in my life experience.  So much took place in such a short time — emotionally, mentally, spiritually, relationally — some experiences bold and "in my face" while others carried more subtle impact.  Regardless of the nature of each experience,…

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Back from England, Love — Part 3: Bath

Imagine watching water bubble to the surface of a pool from the depths of a source that guarantees a constant 120 degree temperature.  Now, imagine further that the droplets of water that just burst into the open air began their journey some ten thousand years ago as rain drops — rain drops that soaked into…

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Back from England, Love — Part 2: Stonehenge

Rolling over the undulating, windswept Salisbury Plain in our tour bus taking in the beauty of the English countryside, anticipation quickened the pace of my heart as we approached one of the world’s greatest wonders.  I was about to view one of the most fascinating sites on this planet!  Stonehenge!  From the first moment I…

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Back from England, Love — Part 1

Three parts of me sit at the keyboard this morning — and all three battle for dominance!  One part is glad to be back home pursuing a routine that fosters normalcy.  A second part misses the cool (at times, cold) weather of London and the surrounding countryside — not to mention the almost indescribable sights…

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From Out of the Night!

This message is totally unplanned and unexpected!  Those happen from time to time!  Initially as the thoughts and feelings began building in my brain and heart, I fought to repress them — worked to convince myself that the hour was just too early.  Besides, I just posted a mere few hours ago and didn’t need…

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Building Better Boundaries!

Hey, Guys!  I know I’m about to date myself here, but do any of you remember the song Cinnamon by a fellow named Derek back in the late 60’s?  If you haven’t heard the song, it really deserves a little Googling!  The history of the song and artist is quite fascinating!  I believe it climbed to…

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Planning for the Unexpected!

I hadn’t planned on posting a new message so soon, but . . . After reading an Associated Press article this morning, I felt compelled to post a brief message about “Planning for the Unexpected!” One of the most difficult “mean times” faced by individuals and families every day is the death of a loved…

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Living Outside the Box!

INSIDE THE BOX!  Now that’s a phrase that has evolved into a sort of hodge-podge of meanings and connotations in recent years.  I am thinking that somewhere in the fairly recent past, the phrase carried perhaps a sentimental tone of safety and familiarity.  You know, if I am inside the box, then I have a…

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