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Archive for September 2008

Things Fall Apart!

Greetings!  I have been away from the keyboard for over a week now — living . . . and contemplating!  Mostly family and dear friends have held prominence in my thinking . . . yet the larger world has crept in filling the gaps as I pondered the personal life pilgrimages on which we all…

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"WHERE . . . IS . . . GOD????"

The REAL Question! Actually — more to the point — "WHERE . . . IS . . . GOD????  DAMN IT!!! Now, before some of you become unnecessarily offended by the previous statement and sign off without reading further . . . I ask you to stay with me a bit!  I have no intention…

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"Can It" In the Meantimes!

In know!  I know!  The phrase, "CAN IT" likely conjures up many different pictures in your mind, but don’t go jumping to conclusions!  I mean this in a very positive way!  In fact, this is the first of two phrases that open the door to explore what I call "Possibility Living!"  I remember reading a…

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The Other Side of Worry?

Twenty five or so years ago one of my daughter’s favorite books was Thornton the Worrier by Marjorie Sharmat.  She loved to have it read to her almost every day!  I must say that I grew to love the book myself and have often pondered the powerfully simple lessons contained in its pages.  Perhaps I…

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Celebration + Serendipity = Surprising Revelations!

Celebrations come in all shapes and sizes and for a multitude of reasons!  We commemorate the grand by celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, graduations, weddings, new jobs and the like!  We also mark the less than grand (yet still very exciting) by celebrating first teeth, first steps, first "big potty going," first words, first crushes, first…

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