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Archive for October 2008

Scary Spiritual!

Oxymoron?  Perhaps; however there is powerful mojo just waiting to reveal itself for the exploration! Halloween is upon us and regardless of your beliefs or feelings about this holiday, it carries some major weight in all we do each year — spending, planning, celebrating, contemplating!  On the lighter side, it is a time when we…

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The Old, The Wise & The Bald!

One out of Three Ain't Bad! This title sounds a little like an early Clint Eastwood movie – i.e. "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly!   Suffice to say that this has nothing to do with Westerns and certainly nothing to do with Clint Eastwood!  Heck!  I don't even KNOW Clint Eastwood!  Further, although some…

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Breaking Free!

I haven't posted a new essay in a week or so — not that I haven't had anything to say!  Lord knows I have more words than the average male!  All you have to do is ask my wife!  She will confirm wholeheartedly!  No, I have been extremely busy working on other projects related to…

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PEOPLE DO . . . !

Perhaps one of the long-term effects of baldness is that intentions often become mis-aligned — discombobulated — out of whack!  That certainly seems to be true for this "chrome dome" from time to time!  This is a round-about way of saying that I invited two other important thoughts to rush to the forefront of my consciousness ahead of…

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