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Archive for December 2008

An Exercise in Miracles!

My Silent Friend . . . The pre-dawn grayness served as the cover for my silent friend's stealthy approach as I slept.  He quietly crept through the partially closed door to the bedroom and stood beside me — willing my mind to stir into conscious engagement!  My friend's name you ask?  Why "Miracle Max" of course! …

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A Joint Venture in Happy Making!

A Trite Phrase? Merry Christmas!  Happy Hanukkah!  Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy New Year!  Happy Kwanzaa!  All of these phrases and more often find themselves wrapped in a single exclamation — Happy Holidays!  Perhaps we do this in order to make sure we cover them all without inadvertently offending someone with an errant greeting given during the…

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Only Ten Seconds More

A Measure of Time! Ten Seconds — a mere one-sixth of a minute!  Ten seconds does not seem like a lot of time!  In fact, it seems almost impossible that anything of importance could happen in just ten seconds; however, that assumption would be wrong.  Perhaps in an effort to prove to myself that events of significance…

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