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Archive for January 2009

When All Seems LOST!

LOST is More than a Television Show I must admit that I am likely one of the biggest fans of LOST!  I love that show!  So many subtle slashes at our collective psyches intent on pushing us to examine life from different perspectives.  Oh, there are other favorite television shows of mine that do the…

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The Battle to Believe!

The Battle – A "Life Constant!" I find myself in the midst of the battle — yet again!  Perhaps you are there as well.  I know that we all battle with someone or someTHING each and every day — it's just that there are times the battle appears more intense.  I know that is true…

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Just One Thing!

Happy New Year! Whew!  The New Year is finally here!  So many have written so much about just getting through 2008 in hopes of turning things around in 2009!  Let’s face it, 2008 was a real booger bear of a year on all fronts!  I don’t know of a person on the planet that was…

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