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Archive for December 2009

Just One Thing!

Author’s Note ~ This essay was originally posted on January 2, 2009. After considering what to write this last week of 2009, I decided to re-post this essay with only minor updates. It seemed to me that re-visiting the information contained in this essay might help us to address the tasks ahead of us in 2010 with a bit…

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Five Steps to a Meaningful Holiday Season

Here We Go Again! Yes, we find ourselves in the midst of yet another Holiday Season ~ complete with all the reminders (as if we needed any) that the Season should be filled with joy, laughter, gifts, family, friends, gifts, parties, lights, gifts, food, festivities and . . . did I mention, GIFTS?  Yes we…

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Holidays "R" Us!

A few years back, my wife Vanessa and I were called upon to present a session related to Holiday challenges faced by individuals and families.  As we did a little brainstorming about how to address some of the more common Holiday challenges, we decided to create a few "Common Holiday Characters" with which most of…

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