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Archive for May 2012

What Might Happen If . . . ?

The “mean times” of life often explode on the scene — taking us by surprise; knocking us for a loop; blindsiding us; pulling the rug out from under our feet!  Those are the ones that shock, stun, eliminate, decimate, obliterate and destroy in an instant of time!  Those are the headline grabbers — the stories…

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On Second Thought!

Thoughts and Healthy Living “On second thought” – now there’s a phrase to catch one’s attention!  It announces that you have determined to give pause and think about what you just said.  Further, it indicates that a new statement is forthcoming – perhaps one that carries the weight of a bit more contemplation.  So often,…

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And IT came . . . to Pass!

And it came to pass! Is this phrase familiar to you? If you have ever been to church or listened to a sermon you have likely heard this phrase, “It came to pass!” Now usually, this phrase serves to simply introduce the next series of events. For example, “It came to pass that the that…

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