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Archive for November 2012

Worth Considering!

Greetings! Questions are powerful tools in our hands when we know how to use them ~ especially when we ask questions of ourselves! I have a friend who once told me, “Statements simply tell. Questions sell!” I like that! We have all heard of “self talk” ~ the talk that swims around in our head…

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In Time!

Time! Time! Time! It seems that everything we do is dictated by TIME! Do we have enough of it? Do we have too MUCH of it? Will we be on time? Will we run out of it?How much do we have on hand? We say that we can kill it; make it; spend it; find…

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I Dare You!

Remember when as a kid, your friends would throw out a challenge and then emphatically add, “I Dare You” to entice you to step up? How often did you take the dare only to regret that you did? My guess is, more times that you care to count! Now in all fairness, some dares were…

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