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Archive for August 2013

Dreams Die Hard!

Dreams . . . dreams that are worth pursuing; dreams that possess potential to be life-altering; dreams that take up residence deep in one’s soul die hard. Sometimes they never die! They smoulder and simmer. They bubble and boil. They rumble and roll. They keep one awake at night. They lift with anticipation. They drop…

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Free Will!

Free Will! If you grew up going to church you likely heard quite a bit about the concept of Free Will! Now don’t check out on me just yet! I’m not taking this thought in the direction associated with those teachings! I’m taking it in another! One of my favorite authors is Dean Koontz and…

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What We Leave Behind!

The late Stephen Covey wrote that we should “Live, love, laugh, leave a legacy.” Now at first glance each of us might go through a little mental checklist. It might go something like this: “Live? Yeah I do that most of the time! Laugh? Absolutely! Especially when the joke is funny! Love? I sure do…

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Do What You Love!

How many times do we begin a day fretting over the things that we HAVE to do in the hours ahead of us? Before we know it, our mind is filled with oppressive thoughts and our schedule is crowded with tedious tasks that drain our energy! Positive Intent takes a back seat to Perceived Urgency!…

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History! It is important is so many ways! Studying history helps us understand the foundations of societies, cultures, families, corporations and individuals! Reviewing history creates opportunities to gather wisdom and insight so that we might avoid duplicating mistakes of the past. Analyzing history opens the door for understanding the paths that have landed us where…

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Guardians of Change!

“Change – whether imposed, as a result of natural life progressions or self-initiated – often presents challenges that require practical, proactive and creative action!” This is a direct quote from one of the pages on the McKinney Counseling Services website! I’m not sure any of us really revel in the inevitability of change – not…

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