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Archive for January 2017

Day Thirty-One of 365 – Be a Wise Guy

Words, words, words! The world is FILLED with words! Unfortunately, many of the words thrown around through all media platforms lack wisdom, clarity or weight. More often than not, people consumed by the need to be heard spew words fraught with hatred, bitterness, rancor, insensitivity, self-absorption and foolishness. Plato once said, “Wise men talk because…

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Day Thirty of 365 – Something New, Part 4

This is the fourth installment of a short story that I am writing and posting on this platform. I am writing it in brief segments. I hope you have a good time following the progress of Fire! Fire The Persistent Fog Stepping through the opening in the side of the wall at the edge of the…

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Day Twenty-Nine of 365 – How to Love Your Neighbor

Although part of my professional background includes several years serving people as a Christian minister, I work hard to avoid writing anything that remotely sounds “preachy.” I came by my entrance into the field of ministry in that I was a PK growing up. What’s a PK you ask? It is short for Preacher’s Kid.…

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Day Twenty-Eight of 365 – Call It What It Is

I become increasingly discouraged when I look around me. Spin doctors work all the time creating mirages around realities to the extent that facts become a sort of comfortable fiction. As long as we have people bent on distorting events toward their own personal biases in order to gain power or control, we run the…

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Day Twenty-Seven of 365 – The Present

Author’s note: I wrote this yesterday (the 27th) but was unable to publish it due to some sort of glitch in this publishing platform. I was frustrated because I thought I had lost my string of days, then I realized that my commitment was to WRITE for 365 days in a row, not necessarily publish.…

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Day Twenty-Six of 365 – The Unexpected

The Unexpected! More often than not, contemplating the unexpected carries feelings of dread and fear. Without thought, we tend toward the belief that anything out of the blue carries disruptive news. Now I know this is not always the case. Sometimes the unexpected carries very positive outcomes; however, most of the time we equate negativity…

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Day Twenty-Five of 365 – Walking Circumspectly

One of the most fascinating words around (at least in this bald headed cowboy’s opinion) is the word “circumspect.” The word carries the basic meaning of “to look around.” When adding an “ly” to the end of the word and then placing a specific directive in front of it, one might come up with something…

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Day Twenty-Four of 365 – Mostly Dead

One of my all-time favorite movies is the 80’s cult classic, The Princess Bride! Further, one of my all-time favorite characters is the one played by Billy Crystal. Remember Miracle Max?What a hoot! Perhaps one of the best lines in the movie is the one where he defines “Mostly Dead.” It goes like this: “It just…

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Day Twenty Two of 365 – Something New, Part 3

Author’s Note: This is the third installment in my “short story in the making.” I am writing a short story and publishing it in segments. This is a new venture for me. I hope you’ll enjoy each addition to this story. Fire The Unknown Intrigue trumped trepidation and I found myself moving slowly toward the…

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