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Archive for February 2017

Day Fifty-Nine of 365 – The Nature of Courage

Every day I work, I witness people of courage moving through life with deliberate, focused intent. Whether the examples come from the student population at school where I work, clients in my private practice or various colleagues, I am reminded of the power of Courage! Never before in my lifetime has there been more need for…

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Day Fifty-Five of 365 – When In Trouble, Reach!

Many, many years ago (yes, I’m that old…) I heard a presentation that changed my life completely! The title of the presentation was “Living in the Meantimes.” The entire presentation focused on defining Meantimes in two ways and three ways to get through them. I want to offer a thumbnail sketch of the invaluable lessons…

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Day Fifty-Four of 365 – In Death I Am Born

On the surface, the title of this post appears obvious – especially to those whose Faith includes some sort of Eternal afterlife. As is often the case with me, I want to take this proverb in a slightly different direction. I love reading wisdom words from the Hopi people. This particular Hopi proverb caused me…

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Day Fifty-One of 365 – Life is Short

I’ve been thinking about life a lot lately. Tragedy will do that to you. Both in my private practice and the community in which I live, I’ve been reminded of just how brief a time we have on this earth. Over the past 12 months, tragic, “out of time” deaths have caused me to face this…

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