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Archive for August 2017

Day Two Hundred Thirty-Five of 365 – The Lakota Code of Ethics: The Poison of Your Pain!

What makes the heart so vulnerable? If I refer to the physical heart – the heart that pumps blood throughout our body – then I have some very clear possibilities. Poor eating habits (overeating, under eating and unhealthy eating). Sketchy sleeping habits. Little or no physical exercise. Excesses in drinking. Smoking. Faulty stress management. This…

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Day Two Hundred Thirty-Three of 365 – The Lakota Code of Ethics – The Nature of Nature!

“It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!” Many of you remember the 70’s circa television commercial about Chiffon Margarine. Even if you don’t remember the commercial, you have likely heard the line. It’s classic, funny, catching! Another 70’s iconic commercial was by Euell Gibbons, the spokesperson for Grapenuts cereal. He was a naturalist bent on…

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Day Two Hundred Thirty-Two of 365 – The Lakota Code of Ethics: The Power of Thought!

Much has been written in psychology about the connection between the mind and body. The two are inextricably linked. They interact and communicate on so many levels and we are the beneficiaries of these interactions (positive or negative). The Christian Scripture refers to the Body, Soul and Spirit being interwoven. This perspective actually reflects five…

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