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Sometimes, Round Two: Day 11 of 365 – The Mistakes We Make!

Sometimes The Mistakes We Make Have A Longer Half Life Than We Wish!

Mistakes! We all make ’em! From time-to-time, we all wish that we could take back the words said or the deeds done. We have all found ourselves standing in the middle of the stage under the spotlight, blinded by the knowledge that we messed up! We feel embarrassment. We experience a sense of humiliation. We wish we could just disappear.

If we are not careful, we can allow our mistakes to define us! We can begin to believe the lies that often attach themselves to our psyche. This is especially true the longer the aftertaste of the mistake lingers. We wonder if a time will ever come when the mistake is not so glaring (although the glaring nature of most mistakes is a product of our own making)! If we allow ourselves to focus too much on the mistake, we actually extend that half life longer than necessary.

What are we to do with mistakes? We might consider some of the following:

  • Acknowledge that everyone makes mistakes.
  • Realize that mistakes only come when we are working on something important.
  • Determine to learn from the mistakes we make.
  • Require that we dispense a little Grace toward ourselves.
  • Decide to take charge of our lives and define who we are despite them.

Sometimes The Mistakes We Make Have A Longer Half Life Than We Wish and for that reason alone, we owe it to ourselves to follow the steps above!


Mark E. Hundley

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