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Sometimes, Round Two! Day 2 of 365 – Astounding People!

Sometimes People Astound Me!

At first glance, one might believe that the focus of this “Sometimes” statement  zeroes in on people who act in surprising, unbelievable or outlandish ways. Many times when we use the word, “astounding,” a certain negative connotation accompanies its use – not always, but more often than not.

People astound us when they make bizarre or disconnected claims. They astound us when they make decisions from delusional platforms of logic. They astound us when they behave in ways that shock and dismay. You know how it goes . . . We say things like, “I was astounded by his insensitivity,” or “I was astounded when she left without explanation.” See what I mean? Very often, people astound us for strange and confounding reasons.

I want to talk about the people I find astounding – people who are positive difference-makers.

People astound me when they:

  • Give unselfishly.
  • Listen patiently and without judgement.
  • Speak compassionately.
  • Share purposefully.
  • Create passionately.
  • Love unconditionally.
  • Dream fiercely.

Sometimes people astound me and do so for the most amazing reasons! Difference-makers are some of the most astounding on this planet. Won’t you join me in becoming a Difference-maker? What an astounding idea!


Mark E. Hundley



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