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Sometimes, Round Two! Day 3 of 365 – Crazy Volume!

Sometimes The World Turns the Volume on Crazy Way Up High!

There are some days that, if I had hair, I’d pull it out! I’d stand in the middle of the street and scream at the top of my lungs! I’d find my way to a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific! I’d . . . well, you get the picture! There are some days that the VOLUME of the CRAZY in this world makes me want to disappear! Sometimes The World Turns The Volume On Crazy, Way Up High!

There is perhaps nothing that bugs me more than sitting in my home or office or car only to have the rafters/walls/windows rattled from booming bass broadcast from a four-wheel jukebox! The noise – and that’s what it is because all I hear is the bass over any scant melody that might be there – jumbles the neurons in my brain and creates a sort of convulsive state that ripples throughout my body! All I can do is sit or stand patiently until the mobile music machine rolls on leaving behind stunned, innocent bystanders (I, being one of those unfortunates) reeling in its wake.

This is the way it feels sometimes when the world decides to crank the volume on CRAZY way up high!

You’ve been there! You know what I mean! You may hear it coming in the distance, be in the middle of its onslaught or gingerly extracting yourself from its pummeling blast, but you know what I mean! Sometimes it just seems that the world is bent on short-circuiting our lives; driving us to the edge; pushing us to our limits!

When this happens, what are we to do . . . what CAN we do? I’m not saying that what I’m about to share will work every time you find yourself in the middle of the deafening roar of CRAZY, but these suggestions might help from time-to-time! Here we go . . .

You can always consider:

  • Taking a deep, belly breath – heck take two, three or four!
  • Excusing and Extracting yourself from the CRAZY situation if possible.
  • Taking a walk around the building, block or park.
  • Putting on your headphones or ear buds and listening to relaxing music.
  • Treating yourself to a mani, pedi or massage.
  • Petting a puppy.
  • Meditating in a still, quiet place.
  • Reaching out to a friend.
  • Calling your therapist.
  • Finding a place to volunteer – even for a brief time.
  • Reading your favorite poetry, verse or book.
  • Writing your thoughts/feelings in a personal journal.

You likely have other things you do when the World turns up the volume on CRAZY! Remember! The din won’t last forever! The mobile music machine will move on and leave you behind! Your body and mind will recapture stasis! You will find your Center again! And . . . you will recognize your strength in the aftermath.

Sometimes the World turns the Volume on Crazy Way Up High! That’s OK . . . Bring it!


Mark E. Hundley

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