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Sometimes, Round Two! Day 4 of 365 – The Lingering Darkness!

Sometimes The Darkness Lingers Longer Than We Like!

We all experience Darkness from time-to-time. We all struggle with questions that appear unanswerable. We all come face-to-face with hopelessness. More often than not when these times occur, we work our hardest to extract ourselves from the Darkness that surrounds us.

Why do we work so hard? Because Sometimes The Darkness Lingers Longer Than We Like. Darkness tends to communicate uncertainty, gloom or even evil. We crave light! We seek light! We . . . Thrive on light! As much as we need light, perhaps we need Darkness in equal measure!

The problem? We shrink from it and curse it when it lasts longer than we think it should. Perhaps taking a different approach to Darkness can open doors to insight and understanding. You see Darkness invites and facilitates rest and recovery. Darkness provides cover from sometimes sinister sources of harassment. Darkness carries its own form of light in the stars and moon and therein lies its value and power.

Instead of cringing in the corner, retreating from the Darkness when it comes, why not embrace it? When we embrace the Darkness, we empower ourselves to access the renewal available. We entertain perspectives available only from the “lesser lights” of Darkness. We find refuge in the shade for after all, too much light can damage as much as no light whatsoever.

Sometimes The Darkness Lingers Longer Than We Like and when that happens, we have chances to see ourselves and life from a different perspective.


Mark E. Hundley

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