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Sometimes, Round Two! Day 5 of 365 – Unexpected Light!

Sometimes Light Shines When We Least Expect It!

Very often in life we find ourselves conditioned to expect the worst. We become so focused on life’s mishaps that our belief system embraces their inevitability. We have a tendency to find our “Fate” wrapped up in the trappings of negativity. Our Destiny lies in the hands of uncaring, unemotional, unattached gods of secularism that crowd out the hope of a benevolent Creator bent on injecting goodness in our lives.

We have leaders in all arenas absorbed by the farce of their perceived importance. We have institutions that claim to work for the benefit of the masses when in reality, only a relative few receive dividends. We hear rumors of war, pestilence, famine and destruction. We feel – even if we don’t believe in such – that we must be on the brink of some Cosmic Armageddon about which we can do nothing. If we are not careful, we abandon hope.

And then . . . from places we least expect . . . Light shines! It always has and always does! If we will but wait a bit longer before giving in to despair, Light shines! Light comes in many forms. It comes with:

  • The infectious laughter of a baby.
  • The soft touch from a loved one.
  • A hug from a friend.
  • An unanticipated gift.
  • Recognition for work well done when you think no one noticed.
  • The positive response we receive from a kind word or deed.
  • An inspirational story about one who has overcome great obstacles.
  • The birth of a revolutionary idea that changes the course of lives.

The point is, no amount of negativity can smother the Light of positivity and possibility! And here is a little secret . . . the more we look for Light, the more we find! It is a matter of focus. Every now and then when life crowds Light to the periphery of our vision, all we have to do is remember that Sometimes Light Shines When We Least Expect It!


Mark E. Hundley

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