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Sometimes, Round Two! Day 6 of 365 – One Cup of Coffee!

Sometimes It Takes More Than One Cup Of Coffee!

Millions of us around the world find ourselves looped in an endless morning ritual designed to start the day off with a bang! Well, maybe just start it off period. That ritual is COFFEE! There is just something about the aroma of brewing and freshly brewed coffee in the morning. No matter how you doctor it up – sugar, cream, flavor syrups, etc – coffee is the mainstay of our daily startup!

As much as we are committed to this ritual, Sometimes It Takes More Than One Cup Of Coffee! Sometimes . . .

After that first cup, Sometimes It Takes:

  • A little breakfast.
  • A hug from a child.
  • A kiss from that special love.
  • A run abound the block.
  • A reminder of the tasks ahead in the day to come.
  • An infusion of hope from an inspirational verse or story.
  • A favorite song blaring on the radio.
  • A few moments of meditation.
  • An invigorating yoga session.
  • A few minutes of purposeful intention setting.
  • A reflection on past successes to remind of possibility.
  • A decision to make meaning in the day ahead.

You see . . . in order to set the stage for a positive day, Sometimes It Takes More That One Cup Of Coffee!


Mark E. Hundley

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