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Sometimes, Round Two: Day 7 of 365 – The Nightmare of Another!

Sometimes We Must Step Into The Nightmare Of Another In Order To Fulfill Our Purpose!

Finding and living a life purpose is something most of us hold dearly. It begins in childhood when interested adults ask us, “So what do you want to be when you grow up?” We have all kinds of answers. Generally those answers change many, many times along the way. When we enter high school, the question takes on a bit more weight. Our answers often reflect a childhood and adolescence spent trying on various professional costumes to she which one fits best. As we graduate high school we have options – military, job market or college are the most common ones. This “What do want to be when you grow up” question tends to find its answer on the “BE” side of the equation.

Rarely does the question approach the “Purpose” side of the equation. In all fairness, asking a question of a child or adolescent that deals with life purpose likely never crosses our mind. Perhaps one reason is that many adults fail to ask that question of themselves. During my time on this planet, I have discovered that many times a question of purpose comes only after the experience of some life tragedy or difficulty. People who have faced the ugliness or trauma or confusion of life often ask such “Purpose” questions. Sans life challenges, the “Purpose” question can take a fortune or fame track. Sometimes, people believe that their purpose is simply to possess fame and/or fortune.

There are times however, that regardless of the framework in which the question is posed, the answer takes us to places of discomfort and service.

You see, Sometimes We Must Step Into The Nightmare Of Another In Order To Fulfill Our Purpose! Human suffering and misfortune are all around us. At times, this suffering and misfortune appear overwhelming! When this happens, we often find ways to ignore, deny or avoid acknowledgement of such. And then . . . there are other times – the times when the discovery of our purpose is tied directly to the nightmare of another. It is then that mustering the courage to step into the middle of that nightmare becomes life’s greatest challenge. Stepping into that nightmare carries no guarantees of success. Stepping into that nightmare carries no assurances of safety. Stepping into that nightmare carries no predictable outcome. The only thing that stepping into that nightmare guarantees is that we fulfill our purpose.

So, the next time you are faced with the possibility of stepping into the nightmare of another, ask whether this might be tied to fulfilling your purpose in life.


Mark E. Hundley

If you are interested in reading more about stepping into the nightmare of another, I have a short story entitled DarkLight. Please feel free to visit the following to download the story. Amazon Author Page

Mark Hundley M.Ed.,LPC-S

Mark Hundley M.Ed.,LPC-S

Mark Hundley has worked with children, youth and families since 1971 – devoting 13 years to youth and family ministry; another 10 years to service in public education as a teacher and high school counselor; and the remaining time as a therapist, consultant, speaker and writer.

He earned his B.A. in Sociology from Hardin-Simmons University; his Master’s in Counseling from the University of North Texas; and has pursued doctoral studies in Educational Administration.

Mark is a Life Transition Specialist with a specific expertise in the field of grief. He works with individuals, families and corporate bodies to create and implement strategies for powerful living despite obstacles faced.

He is the author of Awaken to Good Mourning – a personal guide through the journey of grief – available in both print and audio versions. He is a co-founder of the Journey of Hope Grief Support Center in Plano, TX, a non-profit agency that provides free group grief support to children, adolescents and their parents or adult caregivers as they learn to mourn the death or impending death of a loved one.

Mark limits his practice to evening and Saturday appointments; supervision for Licensed Professional Counselor Interns; online counseling; coaching, consulting, speaking and training.

For more information about his coaching, consulting and public speaking services visit

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