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Sometimes, Round Two: Day 9 of 365 – We Fool Ourselves!

Sometimes We Fool Ourselves More Than We Fool Others!

Wearing masks. Hide-and-Seek. Truth of Dare. Trick or Treat. Capture the Flag. What do all of these activities have in common? They all contain an element of obfuscation. They depend misdirection. When successful, someone has been tricked and the one who has fooled others often feels a certain sense of satisfaction. This “foolery” is all well and good as long as it is associated with fun and games. When it creeps over into reality, the tone changes.

There are times when some among us attempt to fool others – to cover their intents and actions. I’m thinking that we all attempt to fool someone at some time in our lives. When we “get away with it,” we feel a little bit of twisted satisfaction. We also experience a bit of anxiety, hoping to keep our cover from being blown.

Perhaps one of the saddest parts of participating in this “Tom Foolery,” is that for some it becomes habitual. When that happens, that one so skilled in diversion and deception actually sets him or herself for a tumble. When one becomes so dependent on fooling others to creates a sense of worth or gain an upper hand or garner position and power, he/she is prime for a fall. We, the public, are not as gullible as one might believe.

You see, reality tells me that Sometimes We Fool Ourselves More Than We Fool Others! Please, please, please . . . let honesty, forthrightness and transparency guide your life and living.


Mark E. Hundley

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