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Sometimes, Round Two: Day 37 of 365 – The Burdens of This World!


Sometimes The Burdens Of This World Are Too Much to Bear Alone!

We all carry worries and cares around with us. We fill our minds, hearts and spirits with concerns about the future. We weigh ourselves down with regrets from our past. We collect hopes in the present as if they are guarantees. And we do all of this in relative isolation. We somehow believe that we possess super human abilities to do all of this by ourselves; however, we cannot!

To be fair, many of life’s burdens are made to be borne alone. We must learn to navigate the challenges of life tapping our personal strength and resiliency. We have to fly solo . . . but not always.

You see,  Sometimes The Burdens Of This World Are Too Much to Bear Alone!

The key? Knowing the difference! We must be able to discern which is which. Knowing when to reach in and when to reach out reveals levels of self-awareness. When we exhibit the courage to ask for help when necessary, we invite others into the world of shared purpose.

We are social creatures and need each other. No need to be the Lone Ranger when we don’t have to.


Mark E. Hundley

Mark Hundley M.Ed.,LPC-S

Mark Hundley M.Ed.,LPC-S

Mark Hundley has worked with children, youth and families since 1971 – devoting 13 years to youth and family ministry; another 10 years to service in public education as a teacher and high school counselor; and the remaining time as a therapist, consultant, speaker and writer.

He earned his B.A. in Sociology from Hardin-Simmons University; his Master’s in Counseling from the University of North Texas; and has pursued doctoral studies in Educational Administration.

Mark is a Life Transition Specialist with a specific expertise in the field of grief. He works with individuals, families and corporate bodies to create and implement strategies for powerful living despite obstacles faced.

He is the author of Awaken to Good Mourning – a personal guide through the journey of grief – available in both print and audio versions. He is a co-founder of the Journey of Hope Grief Support Center in Plano, TX, a non-profit agency that provides free group grief support to children, adolescents and their parents or adult caregivers as they learn to mourn the death or impending death of a loved one.

Mark limits his practice to evening and Saturday appointments; supervision for Licensed Professional Counselor Interns; online counseling; coaching, consulting, speaking and training.

For more information about his coaching, consulting and public speaking services visit

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