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Sometimes, Round Two: Day 40 of 365 – The Quiet Inside!

Sometimes The Quiet In The Mind Drowns Out The Noise In The World!

Peace and Quiet! How we long for those gifts from time-to-time. The Noise of the World overwhelms and inundates! Finding a quiet place for retreat very often escapes our search. Everywhere we turn, Noise assaults us! What are we to do?

Well, perhaps shifting the focus of our pursuit for Quiet is the answer.

What does that look like? Allow me to share a few thoughts:

  • Shift the search for Quiet from outside yourself to INside  yourself.
  • Realize that you have the ability to create the Quiet you seek.
  • Find a place that affords as much physical quiet as possible.
  • Position your body in the most comfortable position you can.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Take 7 – 10 deep breaths – Four count inhale . . . pause . . . four count exhale.
  • Allow your mind to clear itself as much as possible.
  • Now . . . visualize the one place in the world in which you are most peaceful.
  • Allow your visualization to transport you to that place.
  • Feel the Peace and Quiet that flows through your body.

Congratulations! You just took a 60 second vacation! You have the ability to take as many of those vacations in a day as you want.

Remember, Sometimes The Quiet In The Mind Drowns Out The Noise In The World! And you have the power to experience it any time you wish!


Mark E. Hundley

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