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Sometimes, Round Two: Day 41 of 365 – The End As The Beginning!

Sometimes The End Is Just The Beginning!

Most of the time the end is the end. Books end. Movies end. Plays end. Work projects end. Relationships end. You get the picture. Lots of things end in this life. Even life ends in the way we know it. But how would things change if we were to embrace the truth that Sometimes The End Is Just The Beginning!

Accepting this possibility actually gives us the chance to create something new, something different. These possibilities exist at every corner. Sometimes the End is just the Beginning when:

  • We graduate from high school or college.
  • We move from one job to another.
  • We relocate to another city.
  • We cease following a dream in a specific way.
  • We decide to alter the direction of our life.
  • We determine to become aware of things we’ve chosen to ignore in the past.

You see, The end is not always the end. Sometimes The End Is Just The Beginning!


Mark E. Hundley

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