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Sometimes, Round Two: Day 42 of 365 – Boundless Benefits!


Sometimes Ten Seconds More Yields Boundless Benefits!

I’ve written before about the value of taking just Ten Seconds More in various life situations. Extending an embrace for Ten Seconds More; Staying in bed just Ten Seconds More; Watching the fading sun at the end of the day for just Ten Seconds More; Lingering with your child or grandchild at the end of a fun day for just Ten Second More. All of these and more can yield Boundless Benefits by investing just Ten Seconds More!

I could write all day about the situations from which we might experience Boundless Benefits, but I won’t. I want, instead, to write about the process of choosing just Ten Seconds More.

You see, we live life at lighting speed! We fill our days with deadlines and appointments often beyond our capacity to meet them. Sometimes we do so to bolster our sagging egos. Sometimes we do so to maintain the appearance of importance to a world that cares less than we like to think.

Here are a few tips about mindful ways to take just Ten Seconds More:

  • Remain quiet for just Ten Seconds More when your mind races ahead to the next “necessary” event.
  • Carve out time in your day to take just Ten Seconds More to calm your thoughts.
  • Decide to take just Ten Seconds More when quitting would be easier.
  • Give yourself time to nurture your dreams a little each day. It only takes just Ten Seconds More.
  • Take a few deep breaths for just Ten Seconds More when tempted to jump and run.

You deserve the benefits that result in taking just Ten Seconds More. Choose to take those Ten Seconds More as often as you can. I believe you’ll be glad you did!


Mark E. Hundley

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