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Sometimes, Round Two: Day 38 of 365 – The Things We Wish To Hide!


Sometimes The Things We Wish To Hide Slip Out Of Our Mouths Anyway…At Very Inopportune Moments!

“Oops! That one just popped right out there!”

You know what I mean . . . very often, perhaps more often than we like, something we wish to remain hidden – an opinion, an impression, a thought – comes out unexpectedly! We say it before our brain has a chance to reel it back in. And those moments? Well, they typically are some of the most embarrassing.

We have all had at least one of those moments. Freudian Slips! Things we ponder in private. Perceptions we wish to keep to ourselves. Jealousies better left to thought only. Opinions hidden deep within our psyche. Yep! These are the things that slip out and cause us trouble!

What are we to do? Perhaps some of the following might help:

  • Embrace our humanity – we all make mistakes.
  • Take a deep breath . . . or two – breathing always helps.
  • Bestow a little Grace on ourselves – Grace soothes the embarrassed heart.
  • Be willing to apologize if necessary.
  • Learn to laugh at our foibles.
  • Vow to work on mindfulness.
  • Count to ten before we say something on the spur of the moment.

Now I can’t guarantee that all or even any will keep those things we wish to keep hidden from slipping out but they might.


Mark E. Hundley

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