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Sometimes, Round Two: Day 42 of 365 – Boundless Benefits!

  Sometimes Ten Seconds More Yields Boundless Benefits! I’ve written before about the value of taking just Ten Seconds More in various life situations. Extending an embrace for Ten Seconds More; Staying in bed just Ten Seconds More; Watching the fading sun at the end of the day for just Ten Seconds More; Lingering with…

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Sometimes, Round Two: Day 40 of 365 – The Quiet Inside!

Sometimes The Quiet In The Mind Drowns Out The Noise In The World! Peace and Quiet! How we long for those gifts from time-to-time. The Noise of the World overwhelms and inundates! Finding a quiet place for retreat very often escapes our search. Everywhere we turn, Noise assaults us! What are we to do? Well,…

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Sometimes, Round Two: Day 39 of 365 – Relief and Sadness!

Sometimes Relief Is Draped With Sadness! “Plop, plop! Fizz, fizz! Oh, What A Relief It Is!” That catchy little phrase found air time on televisions all over the country back in the 1960’s pitching the positive effects of Alka Seltzer for upset stomach. I can close my eyes and see the “effervescent” smile of little…

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Sometimes, Round Two: Day 35 of 365 – The Next Thing!

Sometimes You Have To Do The Next Thing Even If The Next Thing Is Washing The Dishes!  The month: February. The year: 1974. The setting: A Sunday night service in my home church in college. The message: “Learning to Live in the Meantimes.” Funny how a message sometimes grabs the heart and holds on tight!…

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