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Awaken to Good Mourning

Awaken To Good MourningMy book Awaken to Good Mourning, which is available on Amazon, is an essential guide for anyone struggling with the death of a loved one or any other loss.  I have received many positive testimonials from readers, such as: This book is a must-have for every home because everyone experiences the pain of loss in their lives…

“It doesn’t matter what your loss is, if you’re grieving and needing help to get back to living life successfully, you need this book. It is truly a guide-book, and Mark is the perfect guide as you navigate your journey from grief to happy, fulfilled living. He has traveled the road of sorrow, and his own story, woven throughout the practical advice he gives, will touch your heart and soul. Don’t wait! Either you need this book today or someone you know is needing the comfort and knowledge it provides today! Give this precious gift to yourself, and everyone you know that is on this journey as well.” 
Majetta S. Green

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