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Day Forty-Four of 365 – Adolescent Grief Observed

Losing a loved one or friend to death is one of life’s most devastating experiences. When adolescents lose a peer to death, the outcome can be particularly devastating. One of the hallmarks of adolescence is a relative feeling of invincibility. They tend to believe that death cannot touch them personally. When that bubble bursts, adolescents…

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What To Do When Your Brain Explodes!

Boom! I hate it when that happens . . . you know, when my brain explodes! Don’t you? Man, what a mess! The really tough thing about the brain exploding is that it happens more often than I care to admit! Yikes! You see, each time the brain explodes, it finds a way to put…

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The Lesser Lights!

The Lesser Lights! You know what they are! Stars and the moon on a celestial level are examples. Candles, flashlights, camp fires and the like are examples on a terrestrial level. During the day we rarely pay attention to candles or flashlights! And I can’t think of a time when I have seen a star…

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Divorce! A Point of Redemption!

Divorce is NOT the Sin! Here are a few Random Thoughts from a Bald Headed Texas Cowboy and Recovering Bapticostal Minister Turned Therapist Type . . . Many years ago when I was 15 years of age, my parents divorced – at a time when divorce still carried sets of moral, religious and social labels…

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Children – Grief – The Holidays

The Holidays are upon us! Whether you celebrate Christmas, observe Hanukkah or engage in Kwanza festivities, the Holidays are here! Elements of celebration, remembrance, reflection and rejuvenation abound in each Holiday observance. For those who have lost loved ones to death within the past three years or so, the Holidays can be brutal! The death…

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ADD – It May Be More Serious Than You Think!

ADD – We all know what those letters stand for . . . Attention Deficit Disorder! We all know that in the simplest terms it refers to difficulties staying focused. We also know that it applies to children and adults alike. What if ADD is more serious – more pervasive than we believe it to…

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