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Day One Hundred Eighty-Three of 365 – Things That Inspire Me: Unalienable Rights

On this Independence Day, I ponder something that stirs inspiration at a level deeper than I initially thought. That something? Unalienable Rights. What is the definition of Unalienable Rights? What’s unalienable cannot be taken away or denied. Within the context of the Constitution, these rights are granted by God. From that particular perspective, it seems that…

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Day Eighty of 365 – When Winning Is Losing

We live in a culture that worships winning and winners. We believe that winning and winners drive everything of importance in our world. This obsession with winning and winners colors and clouds everything we do. It drives our systems – educational, religious, political, corporate, social. We write articles about winners. We make movies about winners.…

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Day Forty-Four of 365 – Adolescent Grief Observed

Losing a loved one or friend to death is one of life’s most devastating experiences. When adolescents lose a peer to death, the outcome can be particularly devastating. One of the hallmarks of adolescence is a relative feeling of invincibility. They tend to believe that death cannot touch them personally. When that bubble bursts, adolescents…

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