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Sometimes, Round Two: Day 13 of 365 – When We Forget!

Sometimes We Forget! Yes, Sometimes We Forget! Most of the time when we forget, nothing negative really happens. Most forgetting fails to bring on dire consequences and that’s a good thing! Some forgetting does carry a bit more difficulty. Forgetting an anniversary or birthday, well . . . that goes without saying! Yikes! Forgetting an…

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Day Two Hundred Thirty-Three of 365 – The Lakota Code of Ethics – The Nature of Nature!

“It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!” Many of you remember the 70’s circa television commercial about Chiffon Margarine. Even if you don’t remember the commercial, you have likely heard the line. It’s classic, funny, catching! Another 70’s iconic commercial was by Euell Gibbons, the spokesperson for Grapenuts cereal. He was a naturalist bent on…

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