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Day One Hundred Eighty-Three of 365 – Things That Inspire Me: Unalienable Rights

On this Independence Day, I ponder something that stirs inspiration at a level deeper than I initially thought. That something? Unalienable Rights. What is the definition of Unalienable Rights? What’s unalienable cannot be taken away or denied. Within the context of the Constitution, these rights are granted by God. From that particular perspective, it seems that…

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Do Not Let Yesterday Take Up Too Much of Today

The Cherokee People have a proverb that infuses this last day of 2016 with meaning worth considering. It says, “Do not let yesterday take up too much of today.” Reflections on This Past Year For many, this year has been a tough one – one filled with uncertainty, heartache, disappointment and confusion. If you are…

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Divorce! A Point of Redemption!

Divorce is NOT the Sin! Here are a few Random Thoughts from a Bald Headed Texas Cowboy and Recovering Bapticostal Minister Turned Therapist Type . . . Many years ago when I was 15 years of age, my parents divorced – at a time when divorce still carried sets of moral, religious and social labels…

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Five Steps to a Meaningful Holiday Season

As much as we want the Holidays to be completely happy and without incident, the reality is that we often find ourselves dealing with distressful situations. As a gift from me to you, I would like to share Five Steps to a Meaningful Holiday Season. I am hopeful that you will find them useful this…

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Children – Grief – The Holidays

The Holidays are upon us! Whether you celebrate Christmas, observe Hanukkah or engage in Kwanza festivities, the Holidays are here! Elements of celebration, remembrance, reflection and rejuvenation abound in each Holiday observance. For those who have lost loved ones to death within the past three years or so, the Holidays can be brutal! The death…

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