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October 2010 Newsletter Changes . . . In This Issue Goodnight Sweet Princess From Out of the Blue! A Change of Seasons A Common Thread Quick Links Register Now News Related Topics More On Us Join Our List Issue: #4 October/2010 Dear Friends, I fully intended to post the October newsletter earlier this month; however, a…

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Breaking News and Another Story

Breaking Newsand Another Story! Every Step Has a Story:The Cyclone Story I'll never forget moving back to the town of my birth ~ Memphis, TX ~ in the summer prior to my junior year in high school. It was not a move about which I was extremely excited to say the least. I had spent,…

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The SANE Kind of Crazy – AGAIN!

Before I post a new essay on this blog, I received a couple of requests to re-post one from February of this year entitled "The SANE Kind of Crazy!"  Hope you enjoy reading this one either again or for the first time!  Would love to hear your thoughts!  Let's get CRAZY! Opposites Attract? This is…

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Fighting the Fickle, Feely Fingers of Fate

The Creepies I knew they were coming!  I had sensed their presence lurking around the edges of my consciousness for about a week!  They've been a constant companion of mine since I was a child — and I'm guessing that they've been caught hanging around your life as well from time to time!  Who are they?  Well, they are the…

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The Sane Kind of Crazy

Opposites Attract? This is a saying we have all heard and likely have repeated from time to time — Opposites Attract!  But, let's examine it a moment.  How true is this statement . . . really?  Do opposites truly attract and if so, for how long?  From my experience, when complete opposites come together — whether in…

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"WHERE . . . IS . . . GOD????"

The REAL Question! Actually — more to the point — "WHERE . . . IS . . . GOD????  DAMN IT!!! Now, before some of you become unnecessarily offended by the previous statement and sign off without reading further . . . I ask you to stay with me a bit!  I have no intention…

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