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A Mysterious Curiosity

Things like this have happened to me pretty much all my life! I have no real explanation for them . . . they just happen! As common as these occurrences are, the most recent one caused me to pause and reflect at a deeper level than ever before. To what do I refer? Well, it…

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The Lesser Lights!

The Lesser Lights! You know what they are! Stars and the moon on a celestial level are examples. Candles, flashlights, camp fires and the like are examples on a terrestrial level. During the day we rarely pay attention to candles or flashlights! And I can’t think of a time when I have seen a star…

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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence! Domestic violence exists in all socioeconomic levels; all Faiths; all cultures; all societies; in more families than we care to acknowledge! Domestic violence adversely affects individuals; families; schools; colleges; communities; businesses; corporations; governmental bodies! Domestic violence is often ignored; minimized; tolerated; justified; supported; glamorized; re-named. Domestic violence consistently eats away at the fabric…

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What is a "Life Transition Specialist?"

Someone recently asked me, "What the heck is a 'Life Transition Specialist?'" I thought that was a pretty good question that demands an answer. I have been working with people since 1971 – as a youth/family minister; educator; psychotherapist; counselor; speaker, writer, personal coach and consultant. I've had the privilege of working with individuals, families,…

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The Two-Sided Coin. A Lesson in Lifeonomics!

Mark E. Hundley Awaken Newsletter New Year, New Possibilities! In This Issue The Two-Sided Coin Speaking of Comfort, Courtship, Cancer and . . . Courage! Quick Links Register Now News Related Topics More On Us Join Our List Issue: 1 January/2011 Dear Friends. I have been away for the last two months ~ not necessarily…

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October 2010 Newsletter Changes . . . In This Issue Goodnight Sweet Princess From Out of the Blue! A Change of Seasons A Common Thread Quick Links Register Now News Related Topics More On Us Join Our List Issue: #4 October/2010 Dear Friends, I fully intended to post the October newsletter earlier this month; however, a…

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Why This? Why Now? Why You?

Greetings Friends, I am amazed at how quickly time passes these days! Well, it likely does not pass any faster in reality ~ it just seems that way! Perhaps it's my age or the fact that I have no hair or . . . perhaps it's just the fast pace at which we live our…

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Breaking News and Another Story

Breaking Newsand Another Story! Every Step Has a Story:The Cyclone Story I'll never forget moving back to the town of my birth ~ Memphis, TX ~ in the summer prior to my junior year in high school. It was not a move about which I was extremely excited to say the least. I had spent,…

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