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Peersonal Motivation

Day Fifty-Nine of 365 – The Nature of Courage

Every day I work, I witness people of courage moving through life with deliberate, focused intent. Whether the examples come from the student population at school where I work, clients in my private practice or various colleagues, I am reminded of the power of Courage! Never before in my lifetime has there been more need for…

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Day Forty-Two of 365 – Those Who Break Easily

Day forty-two of my 365 day writing challenge finds me continuing with an analysis of the wonderful children’s story, The Velveteen Rabbit by Marjorie Williams. The past two posts have focused on the process and  length of time necessary to become Real. To summarize, the process requires “Becoming” and it takes a long time. It does not happen overnight…

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Day Twenty-Six of 365 – The Unexpected

The Unexpected! More often than not, contemplating the unexpected carries feelings of dread and fear. Without thought, we tend toward the belief that anything out of the blue carries disruptive news. Now I know this is not always the case. Sometimes the unexpected carries very positive outcomes; however, most of the time we equate negativity…

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Which World?

I re-read a selection recently by Dr. Wayne Dyer in which he said, “Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world.” Talk about a matter of perspective! Talk about the power of choice! Wow! We walk the same sidewalks; drive the same streets; visit the same parks;…

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Response-Ability Leadership

I have been thinking about components that help create responsible leadership – leadership characterized by integrity and attractiveness.  All too often, leadership styles tend to talk integrity and attractiveness while delivering very little of either.   Many times when confronted with daunting challenges, leaders resort to coercion, intimidation and blame shifting in order to accomplish the…

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Speaking of Gas, Groceries and Guesswork!

I am hopeful that this finds you well despite the “meantime” in which we find ourselves at this particular juncture.  “What meantime,” you ask?  When is the last time you filled your car up with gas (is it really liquid gold?) or bought groceries for the family?  Pretty scary, huh? Just this morning, I filled…

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