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Personal Deveopment

Day Forth-Six of 365 – “You Can’t Be Ugly”

As I have stated before, The Velveteen Rabbit by Marjorie Williams is one of my all-time favorite stories period! I know it was written for children but the profound truths it contains are applicable to adults from all walks of life. For the past few posts, I have been analyzing and commenting on a few of the…

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Day Sixteen of 365 – Teach from Within

I have a great affinity for Native American wisdom, especially proverbs from the Hopi People. The practical nature of their sayings carries a certain applicability that begs us to put them into action. One that I particularly like says that , “Teaching should come from within instead of without.” In an age driven buy sound…

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Day Thirteen of 365 – An Anatomy of Hope

Day thirteen of my year long daily writing adventure finds me wondering about the future. I wonder about what opportunities and challenges lie ahead for me. I wonder about how individuals and families and corporate bodies (schools, places of worship, businesses, non-profit organizations, etc.) will negotiate the highs and lows in the next year. I…

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Day Eight of 365 – When You Want to Give Up!

Setting goals and pursuing dreams are activities in which we all engage. Some of us are more successful in the process than others. Often in the face of someone else reaching a milestone, we compare ourselves to them and wonder what makes them more special or blessed than we. Sometimes during this process of comparison,…

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Day Five of 365 – We Are The Ones

The Hopi (Native American) people have a proverb that bears serious consideration when thinking about responsibility. It says, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” Rather curious, don’t you think? “WE are the ones we have been waiting for!” How often in life do we wait for someone or something to come along…

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Day Four of 365 – More Than First Impressions

Research indicates that we have from .5 to 7 seconds to make a first impression. Not  a lot of time,  is it? As a result, many who coach others in business, education and relationship building focus on creating strong first impressions. Creating powerful first impressions is very important; however, what if we blow our chance?…

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Day Three of 365 – Just Do It!

“Just Do It!” I just love this tag line, don’t you? Oh, I know that some have made light of this iconic slogan through the years but the genius of those three short and powerful words bears noting! “Just Do It” needs little introduction or explanation. The meaning is clear – especially when one relates…

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