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Day One Hundred Eighty-Three of 365 – Things That Inspire Me: Unalienable Rights

On this Independence Day, I ponder something that stirs inspiration at a level deeper than I initially thought. That something? Unalienable Rights. What is the definition of Unalienable Rights? What’s unalienable cannot be taken away or denied. Within the context of the Constitution, these rights are granted by God. From that particular perspective, it seems that…

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Day One Hundred Forty-Four of 365 – Confessions of a Recovering Bapticostal: First Loves

So many voices proclaim to know the way. Most of these voices – whether they be political, ideological, sociological or educational – have some religious underpinnings at their base. It seems that the more extreme in either direction (right or left) adherents move, the more they find some religious justification for their position. Further, it…

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Day One Hundred Forty of 365 – Confessions of a Recovering Bapticostal: The Value of Wisdom

The Value of Wisdom! Growing up in the somewhat convoluted combination of Pentecostalism and whatever “ism” to which Southern Baptists belong, I realized that I heard very little wisdom from the mouths of those whose job it was to dispense it. I heard countless sermons, speeches and lessons purporting wisdom. On the surface, these presentations…

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