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Day Three of 365 – Just Do It!

“Just Do It!” I just love this tag line, don’t you? Oh, I know that some have made light of this iconic slogan through the years but the genius of those three short and powerful words bears noting! “Just Do It” needs little introduction or explanation. The meaning is clear – especially when one relates…

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Day One of 365 – The Beginning

The Beginning seems like a great place to start in most cases, especially when that starting point is the first day of a New Year. When I work with clients, starting at the beginning proves burdensome at times; therefore, I often ask my client “what about today makes this the time to begin counseling?” This,…

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What I Do… Behind the Scenes.

I have been speaking in public now since 1971 and writing (somewhat seriously) since 1992. I’ve had folks ask me from time to time why I do what I do – speak and write. I guess that the best answer to that question is a simple one – I am compelled to do so. This…

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The Lesser Lights!

The Lesser Lights! You know what they are! Stars and the moon on a celestial level are examples. Candles, flashlights, camp fires and the like are examples on a terrestrial level. During the day we rarely pay attention to candles or flashlights! And I can’t think of a time when I have seen a star…

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Children – Grief – The Holidays

The Holidays are upon us! Whether you celebrate Christmas, observe Hanukkah or engage in Kwanza festivities, the Holidays are here! Elements of celebration, remembrance, reflection and rejuvenation abound in each Holiday observance. For those who have lost loved ones to death within the past three years or so, the Holidays can be brutal! The death…

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Something to Say!

Many of us – perhaps MOST of us – have a desire to say or do something that makes a difference in this world! We want to create lives that have meaning – lives that encourage others to live meaningfully as well! Some would refer to this desire as a “life message!” Let us assume…

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An Experiment in Thanks-Giving 2013

This week ushers in the official Holiday Season, as far as I’m concerned. I know that if you were like I was this year, I was astonished to find that the local Walgreen’s began filling its shelves with Christmas merchandise around Halloween! Talk about confusing! Thanksgiving is a Holiday that is often sandwiched between these…

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