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Day Two Hundred Thirty-Three of 365 – The Lakota Code of Ethics – The Nature of Nature!

“It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!” Many of you remember the 70’s circa television commercial about Chiffon Margarine. Even if you don’t remember the commercial, you have likely heard the line. It’s classic, funny, catching! Another 70’s iconic commercial was by Euell Gibbons, the spokesperson for Grapenuts cereal. He was a naturalist bent on…

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Connections. “The most lasting and meaningful connections we will make with another human being will always be at the point of his/her pain and never at the point of his/her victory!” I often share this phrase during presentations to groups when discussing the power of being with another human being during a time of extreme…

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Author’s Note: While on my run yesterday afternoon (Saturday December 15, 2012), I felt compelled to come back in and after cooling off a bit and write this rather long essay. I don’t know why, I just felt compelled to do so. I guess working to come to terms with the unbelievable events related to…

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I Dare You!

Remember when as a kid, your friends would throw out a challenge and then emphatically add, “I Dare You” to entice you to step up? How often did you take the dare only to regret that you did? My guess is, more times that you care to count! Now in all fairness, some dares were…

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October 2010 Newsletter Changes . . . In This Issue Goodnight Sweet Princess From Out of the Blue! A Change of Seasons A Common Thread Quick Links Register Now News Related Topics More On Us Join Our List Issue: #4 October/2010 Dear Friends, I fully intended to post the October newsletter earlier this month; however, a…

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Why This? Why Now? Why You?

Greetings Friends, I am amazed at how quickly time passes these days! Well, it likely does not pass any faster in reality ~ it just seems that way! Perhaps it's my age or the fact that I have no hair or . . . perhaps it's just the fast pace at which we live our…

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Every Step Has a Story: Angie's Story

Every Step Has a Story:Angie's Story Every Step Has a Story Walk Itinerary April 2011 ~ Every Step Has a Story Itinerary Greenville, TX Sulphur Springs, TX Sulphur Springs, TX (Rest) Mt. Vernon, TX Naples, TX New Boston, TX Texarkana, TX Hope, AR Prescott, AR Prescott, AR (Rest) Arkadelphia, AR Malvern, AR Benton, AR Little…

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Every Step Has a Story

Dear Friends, I am often amazed at how rapidly life changes ~ how quickly the landscape in which we live alters around us! Since the last newsletter, so many exciting things have happened! I am anxious to share them with you and ask that you consider passing the newsletter along to friends and family members…

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Who Is YOUR Earl?

When You Least Expect It! My experience tells me that often the most dynamic gifts arrive when we least expect them!  They come in the form of surprise letters or cards; unanticipated recognitions; unexpected visits from friends; out of the blue phone calls; heartfelt compliments; and television programs!  WHOA! SAY WHAT? TELEVISION PROGRAMS! You read…

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Revisiting Memorial Day Reflections

Re-posted by Popular Demand! Last year about this time, I posted the following essay related to Memorial Day.  So many have commented on this essay, asking if I would re-post it for this year — 2009.  I am glad to do so!  After the events of this past twelve months, I am even more indebted…

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