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October 2010 Newsletter Changes . . . In This Issue Goodnight Sweet Princess From Out of the Blue! A Change of Seasons A Common Thread Quick Links Register Now News Related Topics More On Us Join Our List Issue: #4 October/2010 Dear Friends, I fully intended to post the October newsletter earlier this month; however, a…

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Why This? Why Now? Why You?

Greetings Friends, I am amazed at how quickly time passes these days! Well, it likely does not pass any faster in reality ~ it just seems that way! Perhaps it's my age or the fact that I have no hair or . . . perhaps it's just the fast pace at which we live our…

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Every Step Has a Story . . . And Then Some

Dear Friends, So much continues to happen regarding the Every Step Has a Story project! Without fail, every person that hears about the project expresses excitement and asks what he/she can do to be most supportive! Simply Amazing! In this issue, I will share yet another story from the many personal journeys of loss and…

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Every Step Has a Story

Dear Friends, I am often amazed at how rapidly life changes ~ how quickly the landscape in which we live alters around us! Since the last newsletter, so many exciting things have happened! I am anxious to share them with you and ask that you consider passing the newsletter along to friends and family members…

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Holidays "R" Us!

A few years back, my wife Vanessa and I were called upon to present a session related to Holiday challenges faced by individuals and families.  As we did a little brainstorming about how to address some of the more common Holiday challenges, we decided to create a few "Common Holiday Characters" with which most of…

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Back from England, Love — Part 4: Final Chapter

I have been home a week now and the trip to England seems almost a blur in my life experience.  So much took place in such a short time — emotionally, mentally, spiritually, relationally — some experiences bold and "in my face" while others carried more subtle impact.  Regardless of the nature of each experience,…

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Back from England, Love — Part 3: Bath

Imagine watching water bubble to the surface of a pool from the depths of a source that guarantees a constant 120 degree temperature.  Now, imagine further that the droplets of water that just burst into the open air began their journey some ten thousand years ago as rain drops — rain drops that soaked into…

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