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Christyna Skidmore

Christyna Skidmore

Christyna Skidmore, MS, LPC-Intern
Vanessa Moore-Hundley MEd, LPC-S

It’s been two weeks or more since your baby was born and you are feeling emotionally and physically overwhelmed and tired and don’t know where to turn for help. You are dealing with an enormous roller coaster of emotions and feelings of inadequacy and judgment of being a new parent. You have lost your independency and freedom, no sense of control, or feel like you’re “going crazy”.  Thoughts and fear of harm coming to you or the baby replay in your mind over and over again and won’t go away. Your dreams and expectations of being a new parent are not what you imagined. You feel embarrassed for asking for help and a sense of letting your spouse down if you seek outside help because you feel you are supposed to be strong for the family.

Imagine feeling a sense of peace, equip with knowledge and parenting skills, as you take back control of your emotional roller coaster, bond and grow attached to your new baby, and transition at your own pace to the new role of parent. What would life be like if you were given the opportunity to be listened to, free from judgment, while being allowed to unleash your deepest, scariest thoughts and fears while learning how to navigate the uncharted waters of parenthood?

As a mother and now a counselor that has battled in the trenches with pregnancy and postnatal anxiety and depression, I have specialized training in the field of Perinatal Maternal Mental Health. I understand the hardships of tackling the overwhelming tasks of getting out of the house. This is why I offer in-home pregnancy and postnatal family support and counseling. Whether you have experienced a loss or have a new arrival, my wide range of services and expertise are tailored to support you and your family where you are, both mentally and physically.  Call 469-305-2877 to learn more or schedule an appointment. You do not have to suffer in silence. You can be a happy and successful parent.

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