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Fear? Not!

Fear? Not!Imagine waking in the middle of the night in pitch black darkness and knowing you are in a place different than the one in which you went to sleep! Then imagine that as you are working to make sense of where you are, you become aware that you are NOT alone– that someone or someTHING is in that dark space with you! Finally, imagine that you are unable to move . . . Would you be the slightest bit fearful? This is the plight in which Jeannie finds herself in a short story titled, Fear? NOT!–the first in a series of short stories set in a realm that constantly changes yet remains the same. In this first story you will meet Jeannie, a contemporary woman with an indomitable spirit who is plagued by fear. In the course of a normal day, she makes a “request” that thrusts her into a place she will visit many times in her life–a place you too may have visited or are about to. Purchase Fear? Not! on Amazon.

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