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Maureen Barbaro

Maureen Barbaro, MS, LPC-Intern

Maureen Barbaro, MS, LPC-Intern

Mark E. Hundley, M.Ed., LPC-S

Hello, my name is Maureen (Mo) Barbaro, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern, under the supervision of Mark Hundley, Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I approach my work from a Wellness Model vs. a Medical Model. That means I believe every client walks through the door possessing what they need to improve their current situation/circumstances and to solve problems that could lead to a better life. My job is to help each client tap into their strengths, help them discover and identify patterns/themes in their behavior and/or decision making, assist in formulating plans to make wanted or needed changes, and to grow and acquire a deeper more intimate understanding of themselves. The benefit of this deeper understanding of ourselves (why we do what we do, say what we say, feel how we feel, make the decisions we make etc.) can be very empowering which can lead to a life better understood.

Another benefit of this journey/willingness to strive for a deeper understanding of ourselves is that it provides the opportunity for forgiveness. Forgiveness for oneself and others is often the beginning of the healing process. With all of that said, it is WORK. Sometimes really hard, painful work, but for many the fruit of that work is worth it. What you get out of the counseling experience is directly related to the work you are willing to do.

If this a journey you are ready to take, then I am ready to companion alongside you as you go. My schedule varies so it is best to call or text 469-712-4047 leave a message for me, and I will return your call so we can set up a time to meet.

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