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Good Men

Here are a few thoughts about “Good Men!” “Simply put, the world is in need of Real, Good men! Now I know that there are a few grammarians in the audience who, in your minds, have just corrected me! You’ve said to yourself, “You mean REALLY good men” and you are correct, technically. Yet, judging…

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Day Two Hundred Sixty-Four of 365: Get Real!

As a long time fan of the marvelous children’s book, The Velveteen Rabbit, I have become a student of what it means to be REAL! I have discovered that there are certain “Hallmarks” of “Real People.” Here they are: “Real” People: Exhibit Courage Practice Honesty Embrace Pain Promote Flexibility Act Ethically Seek Solutions Wouldn’t it…

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Day One Hundred Twenty-Four of 365 – Confessions of a Recovering Bapticostal – Tornadoes, Emptiness and the Beginnings of Sensitivity

Author’s note: This post is taken from a manuscript in progress that more fully outlines my journey as a Recovering Bapticostal. Although the storm of life that affected me as a nearly three-year old boy was the beginning of my path toward Spiritual sensitivity, an experience later in life (the untimely death of my first…

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