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Good Men

Here are a few thoughts about “Good Men!” “Simply put, the world is in need of Real, Good men! Now I know that there are a few grammarians in the audience who, in your minds, have just corrected me! You’ve said to yourself, “You mean REALLY good men” and you are correct, technically. Yet, judging…

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Day One Hundred Eighty-Three of 365 – Things That Inspire Me: Unalienable Rights

On this Independence Day, I ponder something that stirs inspiration at a level deeper than I initially thought. That something? Unalienable Rights. What is the definition of Unalienable Rights? What’s unalienable cannot be taken away or denied. Within the context of the Constitution, these rights are granted by God. From that particular perspective, it seems that…

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Day One Hundred Four of 365 – Relationships Do Continue

For the past few days I have been focusing on sharing information from the Nine Keys to Success – nine realities that can help us create a life of our choosing. These keys are simple statements that provide insight into life’s realities, life’s possibilities and life’s support systems. Understanding the interrelationships of these nine keys…

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Day Twenty-Nine of 365 – How to Love Your Neighbor

Although part of my professional background includes several years serving people as a Christian minister, I work hard to avoid writing anything that remotely sounds “preachy.” I came by my entrance into the field of ministry in that I was a PK growing up. What’s a PK you ask? It is short for Preacher’s Kid.…

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Into and Out of the Darkness, Part 1

Darkness affects all of us – sometimes for the better and other times for the worse! The natural flow of nighttime darkness invites us to engage in restful, restorative sleep. The unnatural, oft times chaotic flow of darkness hatched in the spirit ensnares us in battles to salvage sanity and sometimes, life itself. None of us…

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