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Sometimes, Round Two: Day 23 of 365 – Simplicity Is The Answer!

Sometimes Simplicity Is The Answer Regardless Of The Question! Life is complicated! It generates questions about purpose and meaning. It generates questions about direction and destiny. It generates questions about happiness and sadness. Questions, questions, questions! They abound! Learning to craft really good questions is an art. Most of the time we ask questions in…

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Sometimes, Round Two: Day 17 of 365 – When Light Enshrouds Darkness!

When Light Enshrouds Darkness Sometimes Light Enshrouds Darkness In A Fanciful Facade Of Deception; Therefore We Must Test All Sources Prior To Proclaiming Final Allegiance! Now that’s a mouthful! Light! Darkness! Deception! Testing! Proclamations! Allegiance! I could probably write an entire article about every one of of those words but I won’t. At least not…

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Sometimes, Round Two: Day 13 of 365 – When We Forget!

Sometimes We Forget! Yes, Sometimes We Forget! Most of the time when we forget, nothing negative really happens. Most forgetting fails to bring on dire consequences and that’s a good thing! Some forgetting does carry a bit more difficulty. Forgetting an anniversary or birthday, well . . . that goes without saying! Yikes! Forgetting an…

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Sometimes, Round Two: Day 12 of 365 – Hurt People!

Sometimes Hurt People, Hurt People – And Sometimes, Hurt People Can Be Healed! This will be a short one. Hurt and pain are a part of life . . . period! Often, hurt and pain come as a result of natural disasters. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires, volcanic eruptions! The human suffering caused by these…

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