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The Journey: A Tale of Hope

The JourneyLoss is a Universal Experience. Everyone, everywhere loses. Consequently, Grief is Universal Process. Everyone who experiences loss, Grieves. These parallel experiences connect us as human beings. The Journey through the landscape of loss and grief is unique to each of us; and yet, common to us all. The Journey, is a story that combines some of the author’s personal experiences with loss as well as snippets of stories taken from the lives of others and weaves both into a compelling Tale of Hope. A “gentle jaunt” through a seemingly harmless puddle in the cool, pre-dawn hours of a Saturday morning transports this runner into place both alien and familiar. The Journey on which he embarks alters the course of his life and confirms the abundance of Hope that wells in his soul. Perhaps HIS Journey will inspire YOUR Journey! All profits from this story will go directly to The Journey of Hope Grief Support Center – a veritable oasis in the chaos of life touched by loss. The Journey of Hope serves children touched by the death of a loved one. For more information about The Journey of Hope or to make a donation, please visit

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